DRUG LORDZ Free Action Movie in Full HD HD
DRUG LORDZ Free Action Movie in Full HD
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DRUG LORDZ Free Action Movie in Full HD

Runtime: 00:1:27
Published on Dec 04, 2012
Get the popcorn and soda ready...Here's another FREE B-Movie for your enjoyment!

Two rival Drug Lords, one from Oakland, one from San Francisco, are at war over control of the Bay Area turf. Oakland thug Salvador Castro just got out of prison and will stop at nothing to regain the empire that he left behind with his younger brother, Richard. But things heat up as the San Francisco rival, Darryl, is gaining more control of his side of the Bay. Meanwhile, two suspicious detectives are relentlessly pursuing Salvador and his crew. And to make matters worse, someone from Salvador's past is hell-bent on revenge and won't stop until Salvador and his crew are dead. Will Castro and his crew come out on top of the streets or will they just be caught up in a war they can't control?